Sponsors JSPM

Guy Bedford, March 15th 2022

Collaborative low code in-browser development platform teleportHQ is now an official sponsor of the JSPM CDN.

A massive thank you to teleportHQ for their sponsorship of the JSPM project and CDN, which will significantly aid the sustainability of the project.

Running the JSPM Generator in the browser with ES Module Shims allows teleportHQ to support arbitrary in-browser dynamic npm package loading without complex build tooling due to the simplicity of import maps and the performance and compatibility work handled by the JSPM ES Module CDN.

“At teleportHQ, we are creating a unified building experience for front-end teams. Developers, designers, marketers, project/product managers and business owners can collaborate and directly contribute to the building process, in real-time.”

“Our goal is to reduce the effort of buiding front-end apps by more than 50% compared to the current process. In order to achieve this goal, we need to create a 100% browser-based experience which is at least as performant as locally installed tools. JSPM has been instrumental in helping us achieving this goal.”

- Paul Brie, teleportHQ Founder

teleportHQ decided to sponsor JSPM as an investment in ES Module CDN workflows:

“As we've been prototyping JSPM, we've found that the dynamic in-browser workflows made possible by the generator directly improve the development experience for our users: a teleportHQ app using JSPM ES Module CDN cold-boots in less than 5 seconds.”

“Sponsoring JSPM allows us to put financial investment behind our technical investment to ensure the project will continue to be a sustainable foundation for us to build on.”


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