Tool Integrations

This section, still a work-in-progress, provides sample workflows and links to plugins for jspm support in other tools.

Provide a PR to this page to list new tooling and framework integrations here, or to improve or revise an existing one. If you write a plugin for a tooling integration, you can request access to have it transferred into the jspm organization on GitHub. If you'd like to work on one of these workflows, but don't know where to start, see the contributing guide.

Resolver Hook

Integrating a tool that performs module resolution, such as a build tool, requires providing the jspm resolver as a hook or plugin to that tool.

The jspm resolver is maintained as a library at https://github.com/jspm/jspm-resolve, where the full API details are found at the GitHub page.


Integration workflows pending.


To run a jspm build with Babel see the jspm Rollup build example which uses Babel.

To run Babel as a precompilation (recommended), use the workflow below.

Babel Precompilation Workflow

jspm install support for Babel CLI currently doesn't work as there is no way to use dynamic import() to load the Babel plugins which is required if they are installed with jspm. If and when Babel supports asynchronous / promise-based plugin configuration, then we'll be able to support this. See the tracking issue at https://github.com/babel/babel/issues/9888.

First separate the jspm and npm dependencies in the package.json:

  "jspm": {
    "dependencies": {}

Install Babel and any plugins:

npm install @babel/core @babel/cli @babel/preset-env --dev

Create a babel.config.js:

module.exports = {
  sourceMap: true,
  presets: ["@babel/preset-env"]

And set up the package.json "scripts" entry:

  "scripts": {
    "compile": "babel src -d lib",
    "compile-watch": "babel src -d lib --watch"

jspm run compile (or compile-watch) will now compile all the individual src files to the lib directory, where they can then be optimized further as in the main guide workflows.


Electron workflows pending.

Support for Electron package resolution is provided via the --electron flag in all commands that take environment conditions such as jspm build and jspm map.


Jest plugin pending (tracking issue).


Mocha tests can be run with a custom jspm test harness. A boilerplate approach for this is provided below.

Mocha Test Runner
jspm install mocha

Create the following runner in a test/test.js file:

import Mocha from 'mocha';
import { dirname } from 'path';
import { fileURLToPath } from 'url';
import { promises as fs } from 'fs';

(async () => {
  const __dirname = dirname(fileURLToPath(import.meta.url));
  const tests = (await fs.readdir(__dirname)).filter(name => name.endsWith('.js'));
  const mocha = new Mocha({
    // Set Mocha options here

  for (const test of tests) {
    mocha.suite.emit('pre-require', global, test, mocha);
    await import('./' + test);

.catch(e => {

This can be executed with jspm test/test.js, or in the package.json:

  "scripts": {
    "test": "jspm test/test.js"

The above will run all test/*.js test files through Mocha.

Support for the Mocha CLI still needs to be provided, likely with some PR work to Mocha itself. This is because Mocha uses require() to load tests, which doesn't support ES modules in jspm. If it had a mode to use the ES dynamic import() then we could support it fully natively.


If using npm and jspm in the same project, add a "jspm" property to your package.json to separate jspm dependencies from npm dependencies:

  "jspm": {
    "dependencies": {}

Package.json scripts via jspm run will support bin files in both jspm_packages/.bin falling back to node_modules/.bin.

Imports in Node.js throgh jspm will also fall back to the node_modules resolution before the module not found error.


Parcel plugin pending.


React will install with jspm and build for the browser, Node.js (--node), development or production (--production) through jspm build.

To support JSX compilation, use a Babel or TypeScript workflow, with the Babel JSX Preset, or setting the jsx TypeScript compilation option.

React Native

React Native workflows pending.

jspm does provide support for React Native resolution through the --react-native flag. All commands that support --browser and --node also support --react-native to resolve the React Native package main in dependencies.


The Rollup plugin for jspm is rollup-plugin-jspm.

jspm build provides a simple wrapper around this plugin, but for more advanced build workflows you'll typically want to use this plugin directly. A sample dual-build workflow is provided below.

Babel Build with rollup-plugin-jspm

Install Rollup, The Rollup jspm plugin, and Rollup Plugin Babel:

jspm install rollup rollup-plugin-jspm [email protected] --dev

Install babel plugins/presets using npm due to https://github.com/babel/babel/issues/9888. Read more under Babel section.

npm install --save-dev @babel/preset-react

Create the following rollup.config.js file:

import jspm from 'rollup-plugin-jspm';
import babel from 'rollup-plugin-babel';

export default {
  // Leading "./" still important here
  input: ['./test.js'],
  output: {
    dir: 'dist',
    format: 'esm'
  plugins: [jspm({
    env: {
      node: true,
      production: true
  }), babel({
    exclude: 'jspm_packages/**'

Run jspm_packages/.bin/rollup -c or setup the package.json "scripts" entry:

  "scripts": {
    "build": "rollup -c"

In this example we're building for the Node.js production environment (handling the correct resolutions, process.env.NODE_ENV etc). By default, jspm will build for the browser development environment.

Further plugins and build customizations can then be added to the above.


Integration workflows pending.


Terser minification is provided by jspm build when passing the --minify option.

To use Terser directly, use the Terser Rollup plugin in a custom jspm Rollup build.


TypeScript support can be included through a Rollup, Parcel or Webpack integration, but if you'd like to avoid a monolithic build, running typescript directly as a separate step before jspm, can provide a nice incremental workflow where only changed files are build on each rerun.

TypeScript itself needs to be installed with npm install -g typescript (jspm support tracking in https://github.com/jspm/jspm-cli/issues/61).

See the workflow below for more details.

Direct Incremental TypeScript Compilation

Since we are installing TypeScript with npm, we should separate the jspm dependencies from npm dependencies in the package.json:

  "jspm": {
    "dependencies": {}

Install TypeScript:

npm install typescript

Installing any dependencies does require installing both the TypeScript types with npm and the jspm version separately:

jspm install react
npm install @types/react

You can skip installing the type dependencies, but this will provide compilation errors, even though the compilation will still complete successfully.

Create the tsconfig.json file:

  "compilerOptions": {
    "allowSyntheticDefaultImports": true,
    "module": "ESNext",
    "moduleResolution": "node",
    "outDir": "lib",
    "skipLibCheck": true,
    "sourceMap": true,
    "target": "esnext",
    "typeRoots": ["node_modules/@types"],
  "include": [

Set up the compilation as a package.json script with:

  "scripts": {
    "compile": "tsc",
    "compile-watch": "tsc --watch"

Running jspm run compile (or compile-watch) will now compile the all .ts files in the "src" folder to the "lib" folder as ES modules. In addition this compilation workflow will be fully incremental, only doing the work it needs to do.

This can then be combined with a "build" script to handle optimization or browser mappings. The "lib" folder can be treated like the "src" folder from the perspective of all the jspm map and optimization workflows as described in the main guide. For example, build a single-file browser script build with jspm build lib/test.js --production -f iife, etc.


Vue.js production builds are supported with jspm build --production.

To support .vue files, use a custom build workflow like Rollup with the Rollup Vue plugin.

Precompilation Vue.js workflow pending.


Webpack plugin pending (tracking issue).

One Weird Trick to Support jspm in Tools

If you're a tooling author, whenever loading or executing code dynamically in CommonJS, use the pattern:


By immediately wrapping the require statement in Promise.resolve(), and handling the promise properly, jspm will then automatically replace this during CommonJS conversion on install with import(dynamicModuleExpresion), thereby providing comprehensive ES module and dependency resolution for dynamic requires, which would usually be a problem as they are not statically analyzable.

This pattern is exactly what allows RollupJS configuration files to full support loading Rollup plugins as ES modules through jspm, and hopefully other tools can follow.