jspm 0.17 Beta Guide

The jspm 0.17 beta release is available via npm install -g jspm@0.17x.

For those interested in testing out the beta release, this guide provides an overview of the features and changes in a tutorial format.

This is the primary reference guide for jspm 0.17 until the jspm documentation is updated on the stable release. While it's still a beta there will be bugs, but the main features as shown here are now in a stable form.

Following this guide from beginning to end demonstrates a workflow for the creation of an optimized React component for installation into other projects, while comprehensively covering the jspm 0.17 features and changes.

The demo project used here is available at https://github.com/guybedford/jspm-react-component-demo, which contains just the first few steps as a starting point for jumping into any of the particular sections here.

For an explicit list of the changes, see the jspm beta release notes at https://github.com/jspm/jspm-cli/releases/tag/0.17.0-beta.4.

While this guide uses React as an example, this is purely for the convenience of this tutorial.

Don't expect everything to work perfectly, and you may not get immediate feedback on issues, but if you're able to contribute back to the project from a detailed bug report or PR to creating or maintaining a supporting project, your input is valued tremendously.

Many thanks for the support of all the users who've encouraged the project to reach this point!